Christopher S Hincka-Success Habits – Proven Principles for Greater Wealth, Health, and Happiness

Author of Book: Napoleon Hill
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Book Report

Author: Napoleon Hill
Title: Success Habits – Proven Principles for Greater Wealth, Health, and Happiness
Quote – “The path of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men crooked.”

I chose this book because I have previously read some books on success written by Napoleon Hill and I have gained some valuable insight and information from his writing. Since focusing on change and bettering myself so I can be a productive member of society, success is no longer just a farsighted thought but a reality and an essential part of my purpose moving forward. I know that with the journey to success that positive habits will be completely necessary so the title of the book “Success Habits” stood out to me. I enjoyed the reading and look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge about these topics.


When seeking success and building positive habits (success habits) there is a process that will need to take place. This process will start with definiteness of purpose and defining what exactly success looks like to us (the person/s looking to form success habits). Success is subjective and may look different to each person so the characteristics and specifics of the identity of success will vary for each person, that is why it is important we discover what our definite purpose is and discover what success personally looks like.

Once we define success we can be can begin to create goals and form the plans to achieve them. We need to apply accurate thinking when creating these goals and plans. this consists of being realistic and using facts and logic. The concept of accurate thinking can be used and applied in all aspects of life.
The journey to success can be difficult at times because we may face the feeling of failure and defeat. The feeling is usually just temporary, many successful man have come to the same conclusion that great success comes with many small defeats and failures. It takes decisiveness and persistence to overcome these temporary failures. Self-discipline will help when these trails come in our journey. Remaining disciplined in reaching our goals no matter the hurdles that arise will eventually come to success triumphing over “failure”.

As we remain consistent applying these habits of success in our lives daily we will see character growth and opportunities created. Positive habits can help lay a foundation, a guide of sorts in reaching the heights of our potential. As we continue to develop these success habits we will inevitably breed what we perceive as success.


Christopher Hincka