Christian D Shelton-Release Plan 2024 Guidebook

Author of Book: Michael G. Santos
Date Read: September 14, 2023

Book Report

Title: Release Plan 2024 Guidebook
Author: Michael G. Santos
Date: 9/14/2023

I chose this book because first of all because I have high respect for Mr. Santos and what he is doing for Justice impacted people. I also chose this book because I want a better understanding of how to write an effective release plan and how to better prepare myself for success upon release.

I learned that a good release plan is dynamic in that it evolves as I mature, learn more, and gather more tools. It also will change as my circumstances change.

Something I learned new was how to build a tribe. A tribe is people I have helped, but also people who will be advocates and accountability partners, something I have been doing and did not know it.

This book will contribute to my success upon release because I will have an effective release plan something I now know that I have not had and something I have learned is essential to my success upon release.

Christian Shelton