Brian Peter Zater-The War of Art

Author of Book: Steven Pressfield
Date Read:

Book Report


“The War of Art” is a compelling exploration of the internal struggle faced by artists and creatives. It’s a book that resonates, offering a unique blend of practical advice and philosophical insight.

Plot Summary

Pressfield divides his work into three parts. The first part defines “Resistance” as a repelling force that prevents us from doing our work. The second part discusses the concept of “Turning Pro,” meaning to approach our art like a professional rather than an amateur. The final part explores the concepts of inspiration, the muse, and the mystical aspects of creativity.


“The War of Art” is a profound examination of the creative process. Pressfield presents the idea that there’s a higher realm that artists tap into, connecting to something greater than themselves. He believes that when creative people repress their talents and give in to Resistance, they hurt themselves and deprive the world of their creative works.


In conclusion, “The War of Art” is a must-read for anyone seeking to overcome the invisible forces that inhibit creativity. It offers wisdom on how to break through these barriers and achieve personal and professional fulfillment. It’s a book that empowers us to gain mastery over our creative process and over the creation of our lives from this moment forward.