Billy Marcum JR-The Power of the Praying Husband

Author of Book: Stormie Omartin
Date Read: September 4, 2023

Book Report

Book 2 by Stormie Omartin ” The Power of the Praying Husband” The reason for selecting this book was to help me understand how my actions had affected my family and wife of 44 years. Praying for her in this time and what I had failed or not attempted to understand about her emotions, work, moods and personal needs. Too many times we are a reflection of how we were raised and observed our parent’s handling of needs and situations, both positive and negative. This book helped me understand that sometimes my actions didn’t give her the proper attention to talk about or vent her concerns and frustrations. A housewife is a 24-hour-a-day job. We as men will see it as we get up and go to work and come home and expect that everything in her life that day was no big deal. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Dealing with general maintenance issues, children, cleaning, nurturing, and emotional needs of the children as well as the husband. This book has helped me develop a whole new perspective on what I should do and should have done for my spouse. This book needs to be read by every husband or future husband. We need to stop and talk about our emotions and concerns and listen to what is truly being stated, and don’t dismiss it as “Well she just had a bad day, a lot of times they need a listening ear and not a judgment or quick fix it. Now I find myself praying for my wife more than ever before. Great book and well written and easy to read. Even learned a lot about me and how I should now respond to her needs.

More to come.