Billy Marcum JR-The Kid and The CEO

Author of Book: Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins
Date Read: September 3, 2023

Book Report

The reports are completed for my goals of growth, Mentorship, understanding my decisions, and finding ways to improve me, so that upon release I will develop I go forward plan to become a positive role model and build respect for what I have accomplished while in the FCI Community.

From Mentor Books” The Kid and The CEO, by Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins. This book was a very encouraging and positive read. Helping me reevaluate my past and future actions. The story of a young man facing prison time, a character named Gary that was the guy you don’t mess with, and Malcolm the Mentor to the prison community to help those in the community develop trust and understanding that upon release back to the community from which they came from to return as a positive force. Also, shows how the mentor can become the one who will need those he has mentored will come back and become his driving force to return to focus to save his company and return to a normal future. There is a lot to learn from this book Business building, motivation, inspiration, and mentoring. Thus helping make important decisions in the future.