Billy Marcum JR-Empty Your Cup

Author of Book: Yong Kang Chan
Date Read: September 14, 2023

Book Report

The reason for this is recommended by the Psych department to help me deal with emotions from the Sentencing and Incrassation.
The Book covers 7 steps about how you allow or emotions to control our feelings and through Mindfulness, and others etch we can control and even overcome depression, poor self-esteem, Steep 1 Empty: understanding that as children and adolescents, we fill our cup with the forming of our self from our parents, family, friends, teachers and others who come into contact with our lives. And social contributions, and affect our identity.
Step 2: Influence: How society and contacts contribute to your understanding and how we may see ourselves. And we develop statements about ourselves. Because of these influences, we have no control over how we fill our cups, but you can choose what you begin to place into your cup.
Step 3: Beliefs: These could be self-beliefs, such as I’m Fat, I’m Stupid or I’m good, or I’m beautiful. So or mental self and mind begin to accept or delete these beliefs as we develop through social and family contacts. Using mindfulness and understanding you control your cup can help you keep in your self awareness or empty those thoughts and emotions that are trying to control your mental self.
Step 4: Identity: This is created by the mind, So you can change, when the brew in the cup becomes unbearable you will have to choose if you want to dump the Brew or keep it. But you can change it to accept compliments and positive mental self.
Step 5: Judge: 95% of our reactions are from the Subconscious at this point. these form our memoirs, form beliefs, habits, We judge ourselves from this. What we take out of the Cup depends on what we have in Identity and Beliefs.
Step 6: Awakening: When you don’t know who you are seek the spiritual side and take into the cup the direction of spirituality, consider it an opportunity for awakening and guidance.
Step 7: Mastery: We develop the ability in our subconscious, mind and spirit. We learn that Spirit, Mind and Body we target and master those things we allow to fill our cup. The cup is only our tool and we find we can control our cup .
In Conclusion: We learn we can control what we take into our cup after our adolescence and through our lives, how we see ourselves. What we allow to be contributed to our cup. Remember through mindfulness, self-evaluation, and taking time to build a spiritual subconscious we can always empty our cup and refill it. Events don’t define us.