Albert Glenn Hudson-YouTube Secrets

Author of Book: Sean Cannell & Benji Travis
Date Read: September 11, 2023

Book Report

I chose to read this updated version of YouTube Secrets because of the power of YouTube surrounding business, and the way people glean things today. With being an influencer in boxing, coaching, and fitness, I needed to acquire an understanding of the inner workings of this platform. You would do well to consider YouTube to be a search engine, & statistics now show that this platform is the #2 search engine behind Google. When you pause for thought, how many times do we go to YouTube throughout our days and weeks to grasp how to do something in our lives? We have 2 small children ages 11 and 7, and they have learned a lot of applicable life skills on YouTube. Our son Major is turning out to be a star piano player, and he has learned a lot from tips he’s picked up here. As an entrepreneur and coach, I spent a lot of time on YouTube unearthing creative ideas and staying abreast of how the industry is evolving. I spent a considerable amount of time building the Instagram platform for influence. I stumbled on a lot of things by trial and error, but when I started to arrive at an understanding of what “analytics and metrics” were, it really helped my learning curve to reach more people and gain more acolytes. I have a lot to offer the world in combat sports, and I always knew that YouTube would be the platform I would use to help me, but I did not want to do it by trial and error. I needed to make sure I could make out how this engine worked, and come out the correct way hitting on all cylinders.

15 Lessons Learned From The Book:

  1. Have a purpose for your channel. Focus on the 3 P’s: Passion, Proficiency, and Profit
  2. How to target specific audiences, create thumbnails, and avatars, and create playlists for channel
  3. Learned numerous ways to monetize YouTube only after I had built great content and began building a strong subscriber base. (AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Sponsorships, Crowdfunding)
  4. Video Production Tips, Batch Production, and Schedule Creation for Videos
  5. Creating YouTube End Cards (last 20 seconds flash next upcoming video to play)
  6. Understanding of how views and CTRs (click-through rate) work
  7. Analytics and Metric calculations
  8. Key differences between monetizing on YouTube vs. Patreon
  9. YouTube’s Winning Video Algorithms
  10. YouTube’s community tab, super chat features, and channel memberships
  11. YouTube’s Studio App
  12. Tips for building confidence on camera
  13. Video Editing (In Shot, Luma Fusion, I Movie)
  14. How to get more subscribers strategies
  15. YouTube’s Algorithm for Success The strategies taught in this book will help me to build a solid platform in order to be an influencer that will help people train better, smarter, and harder in boxing and fitness.

In the course of reading this book, I highlighted, and put stars by important points to reflect back on, and once I was finished, I began the task of handwriting an outline of cliff notes. I wanted to ensure I captured the strategies that have been tested and proven to work and remove the trial and error stratagems I have used in the past. I comprehend in life the importance of taking advice from sources who have blazed a successful path for where I am headed. I recognize I am my own creative force, and I constantly work to cement my stamp of influence in my niche. These two authors have paved the road of greatness to follow, have removed the stumbling blocks of learning, and expunged the mysticism around how people become successful influencers. They revealed the secrets that allow us to learn set algorithms, metrics, and a YouTube system, that once implemented allows me to do what I do best, which is to create great content for the world to see and use to become better.