Albert Glenn Hudson-Universal Human

Author of Book: Gary Zukav
Date Read: February 18, 2024

Book Report

Universal Human is a book that follows Gary Zukav’s book Seat of The Soul that I incessantly mention about in other writings. Seat of The Soul completely changed the way I approach making choices in my life. Universal Human completely changed the way I understand my evolution of consciousness.

What is a Universal Human?
Zukav defines a Universal Human as an individual who has transcended the limitations of the ego and is aligned with the values of the soul. In Universal Human, he stresses that such a person is attuned to the universal truths and operates from a place of compassion, love, and authentic power. Authentic power is the alignment of the personality and the soul.

The Universal Human understands the inner-thinkability of all life, and recognizes the significance of each individual’s contribution is to the collective evolution of consciousness. For the author, becoming a Universal Human involves bringing self awareness, practicing presence, and aligning one’s intentions with the broader purpose of the universe.

This book takes you on a path of human consciousness and explores the concepts of an individual who aligns their intentions with greater purpose. Zukav combines spiritual insights, psychology, and philosophy to guide readers on a transformative journey toward a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Key Concepts:

Soul Evolution: He explores the idea of soul evolution, suggesting that each life experience contributes to the evolution of the soul. By understanding life events as opportunities for growth, we are prompted to view challenges as springboards for spiritual development.
Authentic Power: The book introduces the concept of authentic power, parlaying it against external power which is based on fear and control. Zukav contends the the true empowerment arises from aligning one’s intention’s with the values of the soul, fostering harmony and connection with the universe.
The Power Of Now: He emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment, shedding light on the elevated power of being fully present in each experience. Through inspiring quotes and reflective exercises he encourages readers to embrace the now and appreciate it’s profound impact on personal well being.

Thought Provoking Questions Posed In The Book:

Consider the sources of power in your life. Are they rooted in fear and control, or do they align with the values of your soul?

For me personally, I never knew a lot of the moves I made were tied to power and control. I’m not saying certain situations do not call for strong assertive behavior, but I have learned that no situation should have me lead from a standpoint of fear or powerlessness.

Reflect on a challenging experience in your life. How might viewing it as an opportunity for soul evolution shift your perspective?

Being in federal prison is my most challenging experience in my life. Through this experience, I encounter each person and each challenge from the perspective of what am I supposed to contribute or learn from to evolve. Each soul I interact with on a deeper level is somehow connected to collective evolving. My 2 roommates here was not by chance, it was universally designed. Areas I’m strong in helps them heal, and areas I am weak in, they help me heal. My insecurities and fears are constantly confronted, faced, discerned, processed, and pushed through toward growth.

Profound Quotes:
“Choices of love and fear are both big decisions.”
“Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul.”
“A responsible choice is a choice that creates consequences that we are willing to accept responsibility for.”
“Most individuals go to great lengths to avoid awareness of their emotions.”
“Life changing choices change you.”
“Your contributions to the world change as you cultivate love and you challenge fear.”
“Your most painful emotions show themselves as blessings.”
“Which way am I really? The people in your life show you.”

Universal Human by Gary Zukav is a thought provoking exploration of spiritual growth. Through compelling insights and practical exercises, Zukav encourages readers to embark on a journey toward authentic power and soul evolution, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and connected life.