Albert Glenn Hudson-The Way Of The Superior Man

Author of Book: David Deida
Date Read: June 5, 2024

Book Report

The Way Of The Superior Man is a masterful written book on the discovery of masculinity, purpose, and relationships. This book serves as a guide for men to live authentically, embrace their true nature, and fulfill their potential. Through a mixture of practical advice and spiritual insight, the author addresses the challenges faced by modern men today, and offers roadmaps to personal and relational growth.

The book is divided into a unique table of contents with each segment focusing on different aspects of a man’s life. He dives into themes such as purpose, freedom, love, passionate desires, and provides applicable guidance on how to navigate these areas with integrity and strength. He consistently reiterates the importance of living our lives with an open heart, and a commitment to our higher purpose.

A Few Key Points and Quotes:

Regarding Purpose:
“Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to any particular relationship.” Here he is stressing the need for man to discover and pursue his purpose. He teaches that a man’s fulfillment and effectiveness in all areas of life are deeply connected to man’s core mission.

Regarding Dealing With Fear:
“A man’s edge is where he stops short, falls back, and gives up. His edge is his growing edge.” This quote surrounds the belief that men must constantly push beyond their fears and limitations. Growth occurs on the edge of our comfort, where challenges are faced head on. We must work to ingrain our muscle memory with courage and know that we have the ability to forge ahead with resilience no matter how strong the obstacle.

Regarding The Feminine Essence:
“A woman sometimes seems to test her man’s capacity to remain unperturbed in his truth and purpose.” The author discusses the polarity between masculine and feminine energies, highlighting the importance of understanding and respecting the differences. Man’s job is to submit to his woman’s feminine energy, and the woman is job is to submit to her man’s masculine energy. A man has to be man enough to allow his woman to be woman enough. Submitting is simply a matter of listening to one another and knowing when it’s time to take heed to wisdom, or know when it’s time to lead with logic and push forward.

While reading this book, it made me ponder on questions. How do I define my life’s purpose, and how is my purpose guiding my actions and decisions? It made me think and reflect about times in which I pushed beyond my comfort zone, and the impact it had on my growth factor.

I thought deeply about in what ways can I be better at understanding the feminine essence to improve my relationships with my wife. Lastly, it made me think about what daily practices can I incorporate into my life to remain open hearted and present during difficult times.

The Way Of The Superior Man is not just a manual for men, it is a roadmap for living a life of purpose, strength, and authenticity. His wisdom challenged me to examine my life deeply, confront my fears, and embrace the real Glenn Hudson. I found this book to be a valuable resource to enhance my personal and relational well being with the universal lessons taught throughout these pages.