Albert Glenn Hudson-Law of Attraction

Author of Book: Abraham Hicks
Date Read: March 13, 2024

Book Report

I am a huge fan of Abraham Hicks. When I was home, you would often hear her lectures playing loud through the surround sound system during a lot of mornings. I loved waking up to her positivity and the simple explanations she gives around life and issues we face. I read two of her other books when I was home called “Ask and It Is Given”, and “The Power of Emotions. Both are best sellers and taught me internal tools to utilize to learn rational thinking skills which were very hard for me to control. Due to my misalignment with self, I often drifted to irrational thinking which is not healthy, and can sometimes have a negative ripple effect for those around me.

I longed to read her book Law of Attraction because it was one of her first books, and it’s considered the foundation of her teachings. So how do you personally define Law of Attraction? Law of Attraction simply means, that to which is like itself is drawn. This is the law that manages all the frequencies of the universe. As humans, we are all vibrational beings, and we all vibrate at different levels. Have you ever walked into a room and picked up on a good vibe? You can’t pinpoint it, but the unspoken energy feels good. and if you are radiating that same energy, you are drawn to the room. On the other end of the spectrum, have you walked into a room and instantly felt a bad vibe, which is simply low vibrations, and you felt compelled to leave the room because the vibe is off? This is essentially the Law of Attraction at work. It is always in motion.

We create through our vibrational focus. We then create deliberately, or we create by default. How do we create by default? Once we have a desire and ask for anything, the universe begins to move this desire to us. We tend to be the biggest brakes applied in our lives. We ask for something, then in the same breadth we state why we can’t have it. We create these opposing forces that can hinder our point of attraction. Why do we tend to do this? I feel it’s because we tend to offer our vibrations based on what we are observing.

I can point the finger at myself on this note because I can be overly objective and super analytical on things. Objectivity can be good because being objective keeps you open minded to not be so laser focused on it being my way or the highway. However, being too objective can sway you away from your belief. A belief is simply a thought that we continue to think. A belief is a practiced vibration. My point is, if I have a belief that I feel is rooted in truth, then that is my truth.

In the book, Abraham Hicks quotes:
“You did not come into this environment to create through action. Instead, your action is meant to be a way in which you enjoy what you have created through thought. If you do not take the time to line up your thoughts, there is not enough action in the world to compensate for that misalignment.”

I found that statement powerful, and I completely agree. Yes we have to take action to move the ball, but there’s a difference between taking action simply to make a move, versus taking inspired action derived first from lining up our thoughts & receiving the answers through Law of Attraction. Aligning our thoughts, becoming centered, knowing without hesitation, feeling eager about the move, your intuition and gut feeling vibrate good internal responses, and by virtue of being in sync, the universe unveils to you the roadmap and connects you to the right person at the right time in order to bring you what you desired. This is deliberate creation through Law of Attraction. This is considered success.

How do you define success? I define success the achievement of anything that we desire, whether it’s money, relationships, a promotion, a championship, etc… Success brings joy, and in finding joy, you have discovered vibrational alignment with the resources of this universe. Joy distances itself from us when we focus upon something NOT wanted, so while we are feeling joy, we will never be in a state of opposing vibrations. Only the contradiction in our own thoughts and vibration can keep from us things we desire.

“Nothing really shows up in your experience. You attract it, all of it. No exceptions.”

For the longest time I’ve felt this way, but I never had anyone lay out for me or validate to me what I felt the way the author does. Some people will balk at this and say they didn’t cause a particular event to happen especially if it was uneventful, but I tend to think we do. The more we come to understand Law of Attraction, the more interest we will have in deliberately directing our thoughts, because we get what we think about, whether we want it or not.

Once we understand Law of Attraction, and begin to pay attention to what we are giving our attention to, we will regain control over our own life experiences. And with that control, we will again remember that there is nothing that we desire that we cannot be, do, or have, and there is nothing that we DO NOT want, that we cannot release from our experience.

At the same time, we have the ability to direct our thoughts to more of the things that we DO WANT TO experience. It simply comes down to a choice. Once we begin to instead of trying to monitor our thoughts, we should flip the channel and simply pay attention to how we are feeling. “Our physical emotions are our physical indications of our relationship with our inner being.

Emotions begin the attracting process. Words by themselves don’t attract, but when we feel positive emotions when speaking, this is a key that the vibration is strong, and Law of Attraction must answer that vibration. Law of Attraction is always working whether we know it or not. When we are aware of this and tuned into our emotional guidance system, then we will notice the small feelings when we are focused upon something we DO NOT want, and we can instantly change our thought to begin attracting something that we DO WANT.