Albert Glenn Hudson-CHATGPT

Author of Book: Neomind Ascend
Date Read: December 27, 2023

Book Report

ChatGPT REVOLUTIONARY TEACHER. The Ultimate Guide for Fast, AI-Powered Learning by Neomind Ascend

Why did I read this book?
About 6 months ago, I saw an A.I. company on the cover of Forbes magazine that peaked my interest. When I digested the article discussing Artificial Intelligence, my mind was completely opened to infinite possibilities. My next transitional thought was that I needed to get educated on the platform.

One of my mentors Michael Santos has written quite a few emails to my inbox in federal prison over the last few months discussing Artificial Intelligence. He professes it’s shaping the world we live in. He strongly encouraged myself and others to learn everything we can about this technology while incarcerated, because it could possibly help bridge opportunities for us once released.

A month ago, I had my wife order me books on Artificial Intelligence. I wanted a specific book on ChatGPT as it’s one of the largest A.I. platforms due to it’s robust database of information. After I began turning the pages, my mind was flickering images like a polaroid with ideas for how I will start immediately applying what I was learning.

So what exactly is ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is like having a SUPER GOOGLE ON STEROIDS in your text messaging chat box. Let’s break down exactly what ChatGTP means.

  • Chat: essentially you communicate using the free app ChatGPT. A.I. is communicated over a text message chat, identical to the way you text and chat throughout your day to family and friends.
  • A.I.: The A is an initial for artificial, meaning it’s not a live person texting you back, but a computer robot. Intelligence is simply the information it returns to you.
  • GPT: Generative Pre- Trained Transformer. This simply means this is a very large computer database that has been pre-loaded with the information from the world wide web pooled into one large database to be pulled from at your request.

When I am home, I see ChatGPT, and possibly other A.I. apps eradicating my google searches for information. Using A.I. is like having a super teacher with you at all times, with the sole purpose of helping you to learn faster, helping you to be more productive, and allowing you to focus your energy on your true purpose, versus getting bogged down with the intangibles.

What do I mean by getting bogged down with intangibles?
Whenever you are doing research, you go to a site like google and type in your search query. You are then given pages of directive sites to click on to find out what you need. You may have to thumb through numerous sites in order to find exactly what you are looking for which takes time.

The time you spend searching for information even on small tasks is extra work. This is where the speed and efficiency of utilizing A.I. comes in. You can ask A.I. through a simple text message the exact information you are needing. This is called your “PROMPT”. You can be as specific, or as vague as you want to be with your question, you hit the send button, and in a matter of seconds you have your specified answer without the fluff of having to filter through tons of data on google.

How does a person begin to use this technology?
Download the ChatGPT app for free on any smart phone device. ChatGPT gives everyone free access to the basic membership package for free. There is an advanced subscription you can buy for around $20 per month that has some strong advantages, but you can do a heck of a lot with the free basic package.

What are the advantages of having the Paid Subscription version versus the Free Version?

  1. Faster response times after submitting questions.
  2. Better access during peak usage times.
  3. Up to date continuous improvements are first given to subscribed users.
  4. Availability to a plethora of Plug In’s. (Bingo!)

Once in the app, it keeps up with your conversational history just like a text message. ChatGPT is just like any other app you will have displayed on your smart phone, but you may find yourself using it as much as you text your family and friends once you begin to explore the possibilities and the resources it provides you.

Are there Limitations of ChatGPT?

  1. Yes there are always pros and cons to everything. One thing to remember is that when you are using the “free version”, the answers derive from a “frozen version of the internet, which ends in September 2021.” This makes asking the ChatGPT modern day questions past 2021 time frame a bit fuzzy. How do you get around this glitch? You upgrade to the paid version of ChatGPT which costs $20 per month and it brings you current to this year.
  2. Answers can lack empathy and emotion. A.I. relies on straightforward logical reasoning! So you don’t get fluff in your answers that you can get with a humans response.
  3. A.I. is only as smart as the data it is trained on, so if the data has yet to be input into the technology, there’s a chance the information may not be yet available.

I mentioned Plug In’s above. What is a Plug In? How does it work?
I feel access to Plug In’s are the greatest advantage to having the subscription version. Plug In’s allow greater optimization over the tasks ChatGPT already does. Some of the author’s most useful Plug In’s are below.

  1. Prompt Perfect: Questions you ask ChatGPT in the app are called “prompts”. The better you are at asking the right questions, the better your answer will be. The Prompt Perfect plug in helps enhance your ability to ask questions the correct way to get the best answer.
  2. AskyourPDF: Allows you to interact with pdf and other types of files. For example, you may want to drop your PDF file into ChatGPT and ask it to critique your writing style and provide you feedback. You may ask it to simplify or enhance your file to have it meet specific requirements.
  3. Web Pilot: allows ChatGPT to interact and extract information from websites that you drop into ChatGPT to receive pertinent information that you specifically request. This is an amazing feature that will save us all time.

Do you need Plug In’s to get the benefits of A.I.?
When you work out and lift weights, do you need to wear gloves to protect your hands? No, but they can assist in protecting your hands, therefore potentially help optimizing your workouts.
In boxing, when you hit a heavy bag, do you need to have handwraps on your hands? No, but wearing them protects your wrists and knuckles, therefore potentially help optimizing your heavy bag workout.
Lastly, do you have to wear your seatbelt when you drive in your car? No, but wearing your seatbelt can save your life if you were in an accident, so therefore potentially help optimizes you to be safer in your vehicle.

So, do you need to use Plug In’s to have a good experience and reap the benefits of using ChatGPT?
No, but having access to them with the paid subscription can help you, so therefore it can help optimize the way you learn with this technology. There is a large menu of other Plug In’s to be utilized, but for the sake of this report, I only listed 3.

While incarcerated, how can I utilize A.I. “now” to be better upon my release?
We grow through education, exposure, and experience. My job while in prison is to get educated, which I am, through books. I will gain exposure and experience with my wife’s assistance. I will often ask her to put certain prompts (questions) into ChatGPT on her smartphone. Some of the ideas it has conjured up based off of my questions have really helped me add content to the books I have written. I will have my wife copy the responses, and then she pastes the information in an email and sends to me for review.

I print off what she sends me, I study it, I work on asking better questions, and I’m learning the depths of this technology. What makes this really nice is that through my wife helping me, she is learning to use ChatGPT’s platform, and she is discovering ways this can help her in her growth and development.

To conclude, ChatGPT is not just another bubble of technological evolution. It is a paradigm shift in how we seek learning, growth, and personal development. Utilizing artificial intelligence and the foundational principles it implores supercharges the experience of learning.

“The ability to learn, adapt, and apply knowledge rapidly becomes our most valuable asset in a world where information is abundant. And with ChatGPT as our ally, we’re not just keeping pace with the world; we’re staying ahead”.