Neil Stephany-The Four Agreements

I was introduced to this author from my ex wife and good friend Rennie Steiner. I was interested in a Toltec self-help book because of my Yaqui heritage. The goal is to take the fear-based agreements that make me suffer and reprogram my mind. To me, it feels a lot like CBT. In the sense […]

Fleming J Ivory-Moment of Power: Walk Redemption

Walk in RedemptionBy: Fleming James Ivory “If you are concerned about my past, I cordially invite you to go back there and dwell;however, I must inform you, I’m no longer there. I live in the now, preparing for mypromising future.” Ivory Walk in redemption! Leave your past where it is and where it belongs, in […]

Shane Andrew Smith-Alive and Killing:David Wolf Book 3

Why did I pick up this book? I am in the process of reading the David Wolf series of books in order. What did I learn from this book? When the odds are stacked against you, just like every person who is a justice-impacted person in the United States justice system, you can still do […]

Shane Andrew Smith-The Silversmith:David Wolf Book 2

Why did I pick up this book? I was blessed to be sent the first 10 David Wolf books. What did I learn from this book? Even when you think something is for sure going to happen, like getting ALL your FSA credits and Good Conduct Credits applied as they should, or thinking a motion […]

Shane Andrew Smith-Foreign Deceit:David Wolf Book 1

Why did I pick this book? I had read one of Carson’s books before prison and was blessed to be sent his first 10 books recently. What did I learn from this book? Even though it’s fiction, the main character goes through major life events that are extremely difficult, maybe even more difficult than being […]

Choon Yong-ACE Class Report – History of Great Art 2

ACE Class Report – History of Great Art Part 2.Begin: 3/6/2024Finish: 5/22/2024Title: How to Look at and Understand Great Art.Instructor: Professor Sharon Latchaw Hirsh.Rosemont College Why I choose to take this class: To understand and how to look at great art. The knowledge will allow me to learn more of the history of Art and […]

Choon Yong-ACE Class Report:Culinary Class

ACE Class Report: Culinary Class.Begin: 3/14/2024Finish: 5/30/2024Title: Culinary ClassInstructor: Culinary Institute of American Why I Choose to Take This Class: To learn more about the different types of cooking, preparations of ingredients and methods of cooking. What I learned from this class: Cuisines:The cuisines (cooking styles) of many cultures begin with ingredients traditionally available in […]

Choon Yong-ACE Class Report-Mystic Lands

ACE Class Report – Mystic Lands.Begin: 2/16/2024Finish: 5/3/2024Title: Mystic LandsInstructor: Questar, Inc. Why I took this class: To look at the world most sacred places and to witness a diverse array of spiritual practices and their cultures. What I learned from this class: Peru – Kingdom In The Clouds:Ghost of Inca – ruins of Machu […]

Choon Yong-ACE Class Report – Oceanography 2

ACE Class Report – Oceanography Part 2Begin: 2/25/2024Finish: 5/12/2024Title: Oceanography 2Exploring Earth’s Final WildernessInstructor: Professor Harold J. TobinUniversity of Wisconsin Why I choose to take this class: To learn more about the ocean. How human interaction and pollution affects it. Understand how the ocean’s affect on climate, ecology, environment and what can we do to […]