Biography Entry: Brenton D Bliss

My youth I was pretty gifted. Sports, girls, cars, and things of that nature.Scholastically, not so much. Having mostly adrenaline-driven interest classrooms was slow and boring to me. Addiction hit me hard and fast at age 17 experimenting with cocaine, and then trading it in for the “new coke” methamphetamine at age 35. Like a lot of addicts, I turned to the dealing end of the game to support my habits. By 2022 I caught my 3rd prison sentence. The first was in 2003 for manufacturing meth. The second was my introduction to the “feds” as I received 151 months for distribution of meth. That one knocked the wind out of me. Ouch!And then of course this one. My second encounter with the federal govt. 60 months for 13.85 grams of meth. Street value wholesale is about 75 dollars. But when the career criminal plan they had in mind fell through they proceeded to sentence me under the ICE guidelines, instead of the meth guidelines.Justification via purity test that stated 99% pure. But that in itself is a longer story involving a crooked crocky lawyer and some more stuff I won’t elaborate on at this time. Let’s just say it’s been a long and crazy road! But somehow I’m still here to tell you about it. Because God has a plan! For me, for you, for us all. We just have to remain available and open. The blessings exist. Believe that! I have a wonderful family that is supportive. And a wonderful and beautiful fiancee who has been a true rider since the day we locked it in over a jail phone on her birthday, November 30th of last year. My dysfunctional life has yielded 4 magnificent children, with 3 separate mothers. 3 boys and 1 girl. I am currently communicating with my middle son Colton and will be eagerly available for the other 3 when God opens that door. And he will! A closer and more intement look into that situation, as well as just an all-in-all fantastic read, can be found in my soon-to-be-published book, available soon on Amazon, called “The Root To All Evil”.Might very well be the next box office blowout ya all! Be prepared to laugh, cry, and some more stuff! I could probably claim this to be my most positive attribute, having written the entire book from a jail cell. My release plan pretty well starts with the RDAP program that I will hopefully be starting here at Milan very soon. It will shave 1 year off my sentence, and if my understanding is correct shoot me directly to a halfway house upon completion of the 9 month program. I am also currently enrolled in a re-entry program called “Michigan Works”.The program has a goal to assist us with job training skills and linking us with the Freeworld workforce.Jamie(fiancee) has and is securing a physical address for me to release to for post halfway house or maybe home confinement. And I can’t forget to mention my pretty yellow lab who is “still” lying in the driveway at my mother’s house, wondering why I still haven’t returned to see her. And honestly that kinda breaks my heart!