Biography Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson

My name is Glenn Hudson. I have been married to my wife Amber Hudson for 13 years, and we have 2 children. Our son’s name is Major Glenn Hudson who is 10, and our daughter is Maverick Grace Hudson who is 7. I have worked in the medical sales industry for 15-plus years for a variety of the top Fortune 500 companies. I began my career in pharmaceutical sales, but quickly moved over to selling medical devices and diagnostic equipment for numerous specialties. I grew up in sports, but boxing chose me to become a member of it’s gracious fraternity. I competed in over 75 USA amateur boxing events amassing a winning record, and I am a Golden Gloves Champion. I then competed in the professional Tough Man Boxing Championships where I became champion in 2007 and 2012 in the Light Heavyweight Division. It was always my goal to open up my own boxing and fitness gym to teach people the sweet science of boxing, but also teach people about life. My goal manifested over 4 years ago when we opened our gym called Major Moves Boxing and Fitness in Sherwood, AR. We have programs for adults and kids. Our junior boxing academy has been the hallmark of the business. We have taken kids from all walks of life and have helped them overcome bullying, trauma, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem, and give them the tools to gain confidence to know how to defend themselves. I was brought to prison for an Anti-Kickback fraud case dealing with compound pharmacies. In 2015, I was a manager of a team of individuals and illegal medical practices were going on that I was a part of and I should have reported things going on that I was not a part of, but I knew about. Because of unconscious greed, I made bad choices. I was also struggling with an addiction to Adderall and marijuana that clouded my judgment. Despite the drugs, I made bad choices and I am to blame for me coming to prison. While in prison, I have made the conscious choice to not serve time, but allow the time to serve me to prepare for the emerging of the new me. I have a website and blog that tracks my journey with writing and book reports. I teach A.C.E. and FSA classes at the camp, and tutor men in reading and English. In my downtime, I write manuscripts for books I plan on publishing when I get out. I have completed 2 manuscripts related to philosophies of boxing, fitness, and life. I work daily on maintaining close family ties with my family and friends. I handwrite my children and wife’s weekly letters, and despite the long distance that was once between us, my wife and parents have driven, or flown down for monthly visits. The hardest part about being in federal prison at this stage in my life is simply the mental stress of the feeling of abandoned of my family, but through the suffering, we have both found strength and have gotten closer. I look forward to the return home, but in the present moment, I must continue to put the work in that needs to be done in order to earn the highest degrees of liberty once released.