Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/23/2024-Digital Economy Course Lesson 23

Journal Entry

Lesson 23- Exchanges

1. Investments from MicroStrategy, Tesla and Square influence the perception of Bitcoin in the broader market and amount other institutional investors because those three large players in business gave the initial “this looks good” which in turn increases curiosity by other investors and then increases the amount of institutionalized investors.

2. You balance the need for regulation to prevent illegal activities with foundational principals for privacy by improving security as you go. When mishaps occur you learn from those mistakes and improve the security measures.

3. An understanding of Crypto can facilitate a persons transition back into society by giving the person an idea of something to invest that could increase your financial growth once you are released. If yo understand how it works than you will be more likely to know what Alt coins to purchase that could grow your investment.