Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-03/22/2024

Journal Entry


Today I read the fourth agreement. Always do your best. Which you have to do for all the other agreements to work. It is important to always do your best in everything. Even if it is just cleaning your toilet. Make it the cleanest toilet you’ve ever seen. It takes willingness. Which happens to be the 6th principle in the 12 steps. And I apply willingness to everything I do. Every group every college course. Every work out. Every relationship.

I also wrote a 1200 word essay for my English honors class. It is a personal story with theme being change. And I’m hoping to get it published.

I worked out for an hour.

I played guitar.

I practiced meditation with yoga and qi gong. And prayed. But I do that every day.
Character defects. Guilt. Self worth. Impatience

Grateful. Guitar. Writing ability. Determination