Journal Entry: Michael Kidwell-11/15/2023

Journal Entry

My First Week

My first week at Yazoo City Low II here in Yazoo Mississippi has not been anything like I thought it would be. The place I am currently housed in is called the LOW II because they had so many non-violent offenders they had to convert the medium prison to a low. So I’m at a low prison that still runs and looks exactly like a medium with few exceptions. The population here was a quite a surprise as well. My best estimation is that about 75% to 80% of the inmates here (APX 1400 inmates in this facility alone) are from South American countries and do not speak English. I have heard that the intention is to turn this into a strictly immigration prison. I’m honestly not sure why I’m here or in a Low security at all. I met my Case manager for about 5 seconds on my first day. There are so many things I could say about this place but I am trying my absolute hardest to stay positive and to try and find the good things so I will try to write about those things today and save the rest to write about when I have more perspective.
My first day here was a little strange, they don’t get many self-surrenders here so I was a bit of an anomaly. Some of the guys in my building got together the first night to make sure I had hygiene and knew where to go and to sit at chow. I’ll save my food review for another post. For those that know it’s pretty substandard faire. There is little to no violence at this facility since everyone here is most likely in on a drug possession case. Most of the South American fellows are here on immigration violations. Most of them seem to be migrant workers or farmers or maybe even construction workers not criminals. I have already signed up to and willl help with a Narcotics Anonymous class here at the prison. I met one other inmate that is working on his college degree and I’m trying to get the information I need together to get that started for myself. Well, I’ve got a call out coming up for the next move so I will sign Off now. A big hello to all my friends, family, and SKOOL app friends who are following my journey! Those that are able please drop me a line I’d love to hear from you!

Michael Kidwell