Journal Entry: Laron Antione Matlock-08/01/2023

Journal Entry

8/1/2012 was the day I was arrested and I was nowhere near as mature as I am right now I was thinking about getting back home so I can sell more drugs and pimp. But after doing a decade plus in prison I only want to save as many people as I can. I want the people to know that just because you grew up in a struggling household, parent(s) doing drugs or doing time in jail. You can make something out of yourself. I realize it now, but I want to be able to share my story with you so you can understand that I have been in the worse of situations. No Food, No Lights, No Water, No way out I thought! But now I can say it took me 188 months of prison sentence to straighten me all the way up. I read a book called: Target Success: How you can become a successful entrepreneur, regardless of your background. And I thought as I read the title is he talking about my background all the stuff I went through with my dad doing drugs and left 3 boys all alone in Memphis, TN? And I read the first few chapters and I understand that I can be a business owner with everything I have done in my life. that’s why I came up with a few great ideas that will make my name and my great great grand kids name mean something to the world. I will always be grateful to Michael Santos for coming to USP Marion and speaking to me. I know it was almost 3o other people in the room but he was speaking directly to me. I want to say to those who are looking for a place to call home try Prison Professors.

La ‘Ron Matlock