Journal Entry: Joshua David Nicholas-11/06/2023

Journal Entry

I recently read a book written by NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins. In his book he described what life was like growing up in the hood. How he learned from a young age what he must do to survive such a hostile environment to grow up in. However, he stated that when he was eight years old his father introduced him to football. Despite being the fastest player on the field his father, the coach, assigned him to be the center. His father assigned him that position well below his ability to teach him humility. For years Mr. Dawkins described animosity towards his father for giving him inferior assignments on the team. It wasn’t until after he was inducted to the hall of fame that his team: Eagles, made it to the super bowl and won. During his tenure with the Eagles he never won a super bowl and stated that he felt some way about that despite his own personal accomplishments. Yet, as the Eagles went through the playoffs as the underdog Mr. Dawkins received a phone call from the Eagles coaching staff to come on as a consultant to help the Eagles win their first super bowl. Even though he wasn’t on the field many coaches now attribute the super bowl success to Mr. Dawins’ efforts. It was at that moment Mr. Dawkins explains that he realized the importance of understanding how a center is just as important as a quarterback. This was a great message to send as he explained during his Hall of Fame introduction speech and it taught me that I need to go back and reflect on my own life to recognize other’s support as I was the quarterback of my business that led me to prison. Yet, I discounted their support and had I been less arrogant I would have most likely avoided prison. It sucks to say out loud but this is the first step in moving forward so that upon my release and re-emergence back into the world of investment banking I keep myself in check and let others take the spotlight and allow their opinions and perspectives to be heard and share the benefits. I can also ask those around me to hold me accountable so that when I get out into society and focus on my career and work I don’t let it take over again as it did before by asking those closest to me to be more involved. Even dedicating time specifically for me to take time off work to take a day a week on the weekend to spend only with the kids to keep me closer to them and grounded. My fiance wanted me to do that since our first was born and I ignored her prioritizing money. I couldn’t be told anything by anyone until coming to prison so to document progress I guess coming to prison was a blessing in disguise. In the future I aspire to live a more balanced life where maybe I don’t get to drive a Lamborghini again but I have kids in the back seat of a four door car as we go to Disney and in that ambition there is more utility than another zero behind a 401k.