Journal Entry: Gary Goulin-03/17/2024-LOCKDOWN

Journal Entry

Gary Goulin’s Journal Entry #17 March 17, 2024


I was so excited yesterday morning. The Recreation Center was open in the morning and I could take my 7:00am Yoga class! After almost 2 weeks of classes being cancelled due to intermittent Recreation Center closings, I could finally enjoy the class. The recent snowstorm as well as construction and installation of a new transformer, have led to multiple scheduled and unscheduled Recreation Center and Education Center closures which has created frustrations for both inmates and staff.

Everyone present at the Yoga class was so happy to be there, and it was a great class. Many of us waited for the 8:00am move call to return to our unit; I had actually planned to go to the Education Center. The move call never came. A few of us ventured outside, only to find the gate leading to the housing units was closed. There were no officers on the compound. Very strange.

Rather than sit around until the next move at 9:30am, I worked out a bit on the weight machines and with some free weights. I also watched some people play billiards and marveled at their skill. At 9:30am, the move was called and I returned to my unit.

It was in my unit that I found out why there was no 8am move: There was a fight in my unit. Fights are definitely not tolerated at all in this facility, nor is bullying. Zero tolerance. Two gentlemen involved in the fight were immediately cuffed and taken to the “SHU”, the special housing unit – or solitary confinement. This all happened at around 8:00am which is why the move was cancelled. All the officers were deployed to the fighting two men.

We were allowed to go to lunch as scheduled, but for the remainder of the afternoon, until dinner, the entire compound was placed on lockdown as a “punishment” for the two gentlemen who were fighting. I’m very confused as to how punishing everyone for the misdeeds of two serves any purpose. At 8:00am on a Sunday morning, most people were sleeping, and those who weren’t probably were at the Recreation Center. The two men who actually broke the rules were certainly being punished – why were the rest of us?

Many of the inmates were gossiping and complaining. I’ve learned to try and ignore those”negative energy” behaviors. I decided to use my time productively and spent the afternoon reading and taking a short 30 minute nap.

After dinner, everything resumed to normal. Lockdown was over and the Recreation Center and Chapel were all open as scheduled.

As I reflected on the day, it pleased me that there is zero tolerance for violence here and that the apparent response of the officers was very prompt. I have always felt safe here and this helps reinforce my feeling of safety.