Journal Entry: Gary Goulin-03/14/2024-LET IT SNOW

Journal Entry

Gary Goulin’s Journal Entry #16 March 14, 2024


The last snowstorm I was in was probably back in 1987 – the last year I lived anywhere that it snowed. Well, I’m experiencing a doozy right now. A major winter storm has hit the Denver area. It has been snowing continuously for over 24 hours. About two feet of snow has fallen thus far, multiple flight cancellations and schools closed. Real weather! We’re not in Los Angeles anymore, Toto.

I was pleasantly surprised when this morning it was announced the Education Center was open. I went there at 7am to work on my continuing education class. The library itself was open, but the Media Center was closed, which is where I take my classes. All the sidewalks from my unit to the library were shoveled; I guess all the Denver area roads were’t cleared because some people had a hard time making it to work – hence the Media Center closure. I went to the library and read the most recent “Time” magazine. At 8am, the next move, I figured, I would head back to my unit to read my book. Luckily, the Media Center person made it in by 8am, and I was able to work on my course work until lunch; everything was open after lunch, as well.

I ran into theYoga instructor today, who encouraged me to come to the class tonight. Normally, I don’t take Yoga on Thursday nights, because it’s an Advanced Yoga class. The instructor stated that since he hasn’t been able to hold classes, since a week ago, Tuesday, due to the intermittent Recreation Center closures, tonight’s class would not be advanced. I was so excited! Well, at 6pm, just as I was going to Yoga class, it was announced that the only facility open tonight would be the Chapel. I assumed this was all due to the snowstorm, but who really knows. So, fingers crossed, everything will be opened soon, and I can take the Saturday morning Yoga class.

The telephones went out this afternoon. According to the commanding officer, it’s a Verizon problem. After dinner, two of the six phones were working, and as I write this, I’ve been informed that all phones are working, for now.

I wasn’t able to phone home last night. I moved units and the system didn’t update in time. I attempted to use the phones in my new unit, but was given the error message, that my location was invalid. I was able to access the computers up here this morning (not last night) so I’m sure the phones will work for me now.

Problem is, I have no voice. Seriously, I can only whisper softly. I had a runny nose and a slight cough yesterday. Those symptoms have, for the most part, resolved. Now a bad case of laryngitis. No sore throat, no fatigue, nothing. Just no voice. Not sure my phone call will be successful given the background noise that’s in the phone area. We shall see . . . .