Journal Entry: Gary Goulin-03/13/2024-MOVING DAY

Journal Entry

Gary Goulin’s Journal Entry #15 March 13, 2024


March 13, 2024. I’ve been here exactly one month. I’m very thankful because I’m learning the ropes, so to speak. I’m socializing with people in my unit. I’m feeling less lost and alone. But as I’ve learned, expect the unexpected.

Today there was a mass upheaval in the units. Lots of beds shuffling around. I was on a ground floor unit. Apparently, they are converting my unit to one that is more handicap-accessible and are moving all the people out who don’t use canes, walkers or wheelchairs. I was being moved upstairs, almost directly over my old unit.

I packed up my locker and with the help of some of the acquaintances, I moved upstairs, with much sadness, I said goodbye to them. Each unit eats at different times, so no more dining together. No more socializing.

My new upstairs pod is more spacious, which is great! I share the pod with 2 older gentlemen – one of whom I knew well, who used to be in my old unit. There’s a younger guy who seems very nice and quiet. Change is good. My feelings of sadness have been replaced with hope and a sense of eagerness to explore the unknown. I remind myself that just one month ago, I knew no one. I had come a long way in one month. I will certainly do the same in this upcoming month. I’ll make new acquaintances, and soon this new unit will become more comfortable for me. I may like it up here more than I did one floor below. I’m already excited for the extra space, etc.

I’ve been making great progress in letting go of that which is out of my control. This last week has been one of multiple unannounced closures of the Education Center and Recreation Center. There has been a lot of construction going on, and therefore the intermittent and unannounced closures of various facilities. This past week, my Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday Yoga classes were cancelled due to Recreation Center closures. Everyday this week, I’ve encountered a “closed” sign on the Education Center door either during the morning, the afternoon or the evening hours. Sometimes more than one of my class sessions has been cancelled. Instead of getting all upset, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I would go back to my unit and read or write letters. I have more than enough time to complete the adult continuing education courses I’m interested pursuing.