Journal Entry: Gary Goulin-02/18/2024-Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Journal Entry

Since my legal troubles began, I’ve had time to do a lot of work on myself. One of the benefits of this work is that I find myself to be a lot less judgmental. After all, I could be harshly judged for what I’ve done, But I, and everyone else, are more than our bad choices. We all have a life story which caused us to make those unfortunate choices.

But, to my dismay, I’m finding I still have some judgementalism left in me that I still need to work on. There are, what I previously would have referred to as “shady”characters here. People with tattoos all over, people who you’d cross the street to avoid. And you know what? They are some of the most helpful and friendly people here! I pre-judged them, assuming they’d be mean and unapproachable. One of these “shady” people, whenever he passes me in the hallway, shouts out “G” and fist bumps me. I was at the computer today trying to figure out how to print out address labels. He walked by, figured I needed help, and that’s exactly what he did. I now know how to print out labels.

I really feel ashamed at having pre-judged these people based solely on their appearance. Just like I have a life story, they do, too; and I would bet that their life story has been a lot more difficult than mine.

I made a promise to myself, that I would emerge from prison a better person than when I entered.

This lesson learned; not judging a book by its cover, is my first step in keeping my pro