Journal Entry: DaRayl Davis-08/02/2023

Journal Entry


Today’s Message To Myself:

My only limitation, within reason, lies in the development and use of my creative imagination. If I have the audacity to imagine myself as a great contributor to society, and I’m courageous enough to take the required actions, then I can and I will bring my vision of redemption to fruition.

My Morning Mindset:

If one word could describe the kind of person I want to be today, then that word is…. and why I chose it is…
Focused; because keeping my focus on what matters most is critical to producing my desired outcome.

I would know that today was a great success if at the end of the day I did, said, or felt this…
I used my Time, Energy, and Attention wisely and I made measurable, meaningful progress.

Today’s Top 3 Goals/Priorities:

I. Improve my character through my SPEED Work
II. Learn something new
III. Create and share something of value

Evening Journal:

Something I realized or learned today was…

The audio glossary in my Learning Spanish course is an excellent companion and learning resource for improving my ability to learn Spanish.

Daily Habits Scorecard:
A “1” is low, and a “5” is high. The goal isn’t to be perfect, it is to be more self-aware everyday about the habits that matter most in helping me reach long-term success.

Clarity (I knew my “why” and lived intentionally today) – 5
Productivity (I worked on things that mattered most today) – 5
Energy (I managed my mental and physical energy well) – 4
Influence (I guided or treated others well today) – 5
Necessity (I felt it was necessary to be my best and made success a “must”) – 4
Courage (I shared my real self, thoughts, and feelings today) – 5

Daily Reminder:

Remember to use each day to Strive for Mastery, Pursue Your Passion, and Live On Purpose!