Journal Entry: Dana McIntyre-02/02/2024

Journal Entry

February 2, 2024

I’ve been consumed with putting together a motion to modify my sentence to home confinement.

I have not heard anything from the BOP regarding being redesignated and expect at best I will hear

Something 30 days before I’m scheduled to surrender. This issue has taken a back seat to advocating for myself before I am in BOP custody. The effort to show that my circumstances are both Extraordinary and Compelling has been both exhausting and exhaustive. I have not stopped to think about the hours and hours of research since I last journaled a few weeks ago. I am full time creating the narrative of

the motion so it speaks the court’s language. I’m putting the time and effort into this that I thought my lawyer would have. The only person that can express my narrative is me. There is not a lawyer or person on this planet that can tell my story, the facts of my life and what makes me a person worthy of dignity. I can see the finish line with a goal of having this ready and submitted by February 12th. The motion itself is about 14 pages, and the exhibit pages will be 40 to 50 pages or more. For example, If I included the Department of Justice 78-page audit of the BOP as opposed to the referenced sections, the exhibits could have upwards of 500 pages. I will be posting the motion on my profile page once the Judge has reviewed and makes a ruling. It takes a Village; I really believe that. If I don’t take the tools and knowledge learned and use them to the best of my ability, then I become the Village Idiot.