Journal Entry: Ashar Moosa-11/20/2023-Rehabilation Process-Who am I?

Journal Entry

ASHAR MOOSA # 02870-506, has been in F.C.I. MILAN since 04/01/2023.

I have been an active participant in the Educational, Religious and Other Productive Activities available in F.C.I. MILAN. I have an Excellent Disciplinary Record during my entire period of Incarceration, demonstrative of the fact that I am sincerely making efforts to follow the rules and get Rehabilitated.

During my stay in F.C.I. MILAN, I have successfully completed more than TEN Educational/FSA Approved Programs, with high scores. I am also an active member of the Religious Community and help many of the Youth to get positive changes in their Life. I am currently an active participant on Life Connections Program.

I have actively engaged in ‘Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Programs’ under the FIRST STEP ACT – 18 U.S.C. 3632(d)(4)(a), and my projected release date due to Earned Time Credit is 07/04/2024. Due to my active programming, I have successfully lowered my recidivism level from ‘LOW’ to ‘MINIMUM’

I am a polite, humble and compassionate person, I am always ready to help my fellow inmates without any discrimination of color, class or creed.

I wish myself the best in all my future pursuits of life!