Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-12/01/2023

Journal Entry

12/1/2023 (Day #4356)

Life isn’t realistically always rainbows and puppies

In a good reflection of something I continue to work on for improvement, distraction and lack of focus led me to forget St. Andrew’s Day yesterday. In Greek culture, for my Son, Dad, and me, yesterday was our “Name Day”, the celebration and recognition of our “patron saint” we are named for. I’m disappointed with myself that I forgot such a significant day, and that disappointment is multiplied by our Name Day’s association with my Son. Not cool. I am trying to “turn it” into a note for improvement for myself, and a reminder of how focus can drift and result in forgetfulness or overlooking things that are important. It’s also a reflection of reality that success, achievement, growth, and the myriad other positives are not the only aspects of daily living – there’s pluses and minuses. Some philosophers and other people a lot smarter than me have different words and phrases about minuses being the prime catalysts for growth, or how real progress comes from failure. Maybe that’s true. I choose to approach it as a matter of perspective and reflection to remind myself that I’m not perfect, perfection is great but not the “end all, be all”, and I can apply this as something to learn from to “turn it” into a positive.

Xronia Polla, Son and Dad.