Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/30/2023

Journal Entry

11/30/2023 (Day #4355)

PEER Support for People with Disabilities

I began another new FSA class this week, PEER Support for Disabilities. This class is considered an FSA Productive Activity (PA). I’m still not real clear on all the nuances of PA’s versus EBRR Programs other than the EBRR Programs are lengthier and have more bearing on FSA benefits like the Earned Time Credits, and the PA’s count more towards eligibility for the free phone calls benefit. I don’t put any emphasis on my classes selection based on what extra benefits I “get”; my emphasis is on the learning, support, and insight from others’ perspectives to inform my own. This PEER (the PEER is capitalized specifically because it’s an acronym for the class’ intent, but I don’t remember the acronym breakdown) class is relevant for me because of my hearing loss, and there is at least 1 other person in the class that has hearing loss that appears to be equivalent to mine based on his also having hearing aids. We’ve only had the 1 class so I haven’t had a chance yet to approach him directly and open dialog with him. This is the first time since I’ve been here that I’m aware of any peer-support type group for disabilities has been offered, so I’m encouraged by the positive change that represents and hopeful that there is some good, helpful insight to come from it. And in the big picture, I am satisfied with myself because it demonstrates more positive change that I’ve enacted within myself through willingness and responsibility – willingness to change by practicing empathy and being open and receptive to others’ ideas and perspectives, and responsibility as far as taking ownership and initiative to seek out and enroll in classes and programs that help me learn and grow. I’m good with that, it’s a different, positive and constructive, approach to daily living and applying the basic goals for living than I used to abide.

Growth and learning guide my ambitions.