Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/22/2023

Journal Entry

11/22/2023 (Day #4347)

Objectives and learning…

I am intentional (and candid) about what I do, how I do it, and why I do it.

I am goal-oriented, focused and driven to set and accomplish approach goals.

Each goal I achieve is a step forward on my path towards my primary long-term objectives – growth and self-improvement through continual learning and applying the skills I learn.

Healthy, rational thinking and behavior, and emotional balance drive my emphasis on positive changes for healthy living in any environment. They are positive changes that I’ve prioritized and self-defined as “pre-requisites” for my secondary long-term objectives that include early release of some sort (Compassionate Release to home confinement!!!) and re-connection, re-uniting with my kids and other family and friends.

I’ve been enthusiastic and sometimes assertive about learning. The positive changes I’ve realized have fueled me to strive for more knowledge and understanding to promote more positive change and growth. I’ve learned that complacency can be detrimental for me, so I’m mindful about getting “too comfortable” or stagnating. Continual learning has proven to be effective and reliable for helping me manage complacency.

Learning from my mistakes.