Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/15/2023

Journal Entry

11/15/2023 (Day #4340)

Industrial Technology Maintenance

Today I had Industrial Tech. Maintenance class. This is an FSA program in the Vocational Training field. Attending and applying myself in this class falls safely in the responsibility area (I showed up!!! I paid attention!! I participated!!) of the SOTP Guiding Principles, and in the Continued Education/Learning area of my personal goals (ongoing, continuous learning and enrichment to expand my knowledge base, and working towards certification in Ind. Tech. Maint. upon completion). We were assigned a quiz that covered horsepower, torque, and load applications in electric motors. There was also 3 extra credit problems that required some “out of the box” thinking to determine RPM and torque by re-configuring the standard equations with different data. I got a little bit of self-satisfaction and amusement from the extra-credit problems because they turned out to be an opportunity to put some of my recent Math 106 College Algebra learning to practical use. I’ll find out next week in class if I got the problems correct.

Finally got to put some Math 106 learnin’ to good use!