Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/13/2023

Journal Entry

11/13/2023 (Day #4338)

Basic Goals for Living, personal goals, objectives, guiding principles

Reviewing my self-initiated daily accounting of meeting or accomplishing goals and objectives, I recognize that there is a bigger picture to consider of the various areas relevant to my activities, intentions, motivations. Sometimes, probably more often than not, there is overlap of one area’s goals and objectives with another area, and I think it’s beneficial to keep that in mind for myself for accurate accountability. For instance, there may be an applicable guiding principle associated with a Basic Goal for Living or a personal goal that I achieve on a given day. Off the top of my head, my college coursework comes to mind. Working on homework, doing extra work to learn the material, reflects responsibility of following through to complete assigned work, and also relates to Education/Knowledge in the Basic Goals for Living. I’m going to adapt to that going forward, hopefully it promotes accuracy and clarifies the “big picture” to fully reflect how, what, why my daily activities are productive and constructive change to my “old me” ways. Or the expanded view could blow up in my face. I can only be myself, do what I know and believe is right, genuine, and true, and hope for the best. Fingers crossed.

Optimistic. Authentically me.