Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/08/2023

Journal Entry

11/8/2023 (Day #4333)

Today’s Guiding Principle…

Today’s primary Guiding Principle in practice is Responsibility. I had an 0800 callout for Industrial Technical Maintenance class that I employed my instilled sense of responsibility to show up for and pay attention to learn.
To many, this might sound trite or trivial, like big deal I showed up somewhere that I was supposed to be. However, in light of my “old me” patterns of behavior and my inclination to show up or not show up depending on whatever whim or distraction I chased, it’s success in action that I’m being responsible by showing up for appointments and taking care of my responsibilities and obligations. Also, in the time that I’ve been in custody, I have 1 Unexcused Absences. That’s 1 time in the last 10+ years that I’ve missed an appointment. I could make a reasonable argument that the 1 time I missed a callout was due to circumstances beyond my control (confusing announcements about the prescribed move contributed), and I could probably make some reasonable excuses about why or what happened. I choose not to, I accept that perfection isn’t the “end all, be all”, and I made a mistake that wound up with me missing a callout. In the big picture, considering all the programs, classes, and other responsibilities I have, I think it’s safe to say that my “success rate” of meeting my responsibilities and showing up for callouts is well over 99%, and I am highly satisfied with that. Considering my pre-arrest success rate and my current rate, I consider that successful progress. Thank you very much. 🙂

Responsible and grateful.