Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/06/2023

Journal Entry

11/6/2023 (Day #4331)

Alliances, connections, collaborations

I recently of the U.S. Sentencing Commission making changes to the Compassionate Release Guidelines, specifically about rehabilitation and treatment efforts being considered among the 3553(a) factors. This bodes well for me, I’ve completed SOTP-NR, I have multiple Psych. Evaluations that assess me as “Low Risk of re-offending”, my Pattern Score is “Minimum Risk”, and I have a viable Release Plan. At this point, having successfully completed treatment and having multiple assessments of “Low Risk” or “Minimum Risk”, my mental health CARE Level being downgraded in reflection of my growth and improvement, and my confidence in myself to be a productive, law-abiding citizen, I am going to start allocating more of my focus towards Compassionate Release efforts. I’ve been very forthright and transparent about the priority of treatment and therapy work and achieving growth and positive improvement through learning before I concerned myself with any mitigative efforts like Compassionate Release to Home Confinement. Growth and improvement is there, it’s sustaining and sustainable. The timing of this Sentencing Commission update aligns with my results, so it’s time to start exploring and seeking alliances and connections that can help me pursue Compassionate Release. Ideally, I want to seek a Preliminary Determination, or whatever other mechanism would allow an early release date to be set, so that I can complete the programs I’m currently involved in and have time invested in, like Industrial Maintenance Technology. I have about a year left of Industrial Tech. Maintenance, that’s my longest current program, so it would be ideal from my perspective and considering my objectives to pursue Compassionate Release to home confinement effective sometime after November of next year. I can write a “rough draft” of the motion requesting Compassionate Release, but I’m aware that there are nuances, legalese, and technical aspects that are beyond the scope of my skillset, so let’s consider this my open request for assistance and/or alliance with someone willing and able to help. Please and thank you in advance!!!

Optimistic, hopeful, and confident that my efforts are a genuine reflection of my deserving consideration.