Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-11/03/2023

Journal Entry

11/3/2023 (Day #4328)

Willingness to change…

Today I’m continuing reading “Your Brain on Porn” for SOTP-NR Independent Study. My interpretation of the book’s thesis is exposition of the psychological effects of porn on the human brain, as far as thinking, behaviors, emotions, relationships. It explains some of the science and references research that has been done to support the science. I’m still reading it, so my interpretation is still evolving. As far as the SOTP-NR Independent Study, that is something that just started within the last year. For me, participating in it is aligned with my long-term objective of continued treatment and education, steadfast in my pursuit of opportunities to learn and grow, evolve towards being a better person. Participation in the Independent Study is an opportunity that I associate with my willingness to change, and falls under my list of “informal objectives” I try to adhere to guide my daily activities. In this instance, I’ve met an objective for today of doing something constructive and productive within the Guiding Principles of SOTP-NR. There is some “Responsibility” application here, too – my working to complete Independent Study assignments, BEING responsible and MEETING responsibilities. Accountability in tact, and I’m satisfied with myself on that.

“Please forgive me, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m still learning to be human.” – Cody Johnson, “Human”