Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/27/2023

Journal Entry

10/27/2023 (Day #4321)

Obstacles…marginalization and stigma

In my experience so far, the most onerous obstacle in my path is the marginalization and stigmatization arising from public discourse about sex offenses and the assumptions that people who commit them deemed incorrigible and morally bankrupt. There is a “label”, a contemporary “scarlet letter” applied to those who commit sex offenses, I experience it daily here, and I’m aware and preparing myself for it post-release by SORNAL requirements and restrictions. I feel oppressed by it sometimes, it’s a big pill to swallow. My focus is my positives and assets, what I’ve learned, the changes I’ve instilled, and the attributes and objective facts I have in my favor that rebut or refute the negativity and assumptions. To me, I see the marginalization and stigmatization as an extrajudicial disqualification from society that is mostly sex offense-specific, but does occasionally occur in some less-common offence categories.
This is particularly difficult obstacle to approach in the context of overcoming it because there’s no tangible measurement to distinguish if and/or when it’s been overcome. It’s objectively undefinable. Still, I strive to do what I can, to manage what’s within my reach and control my own thoughts and actions, and maintain a constructive and productive course towards a better me. I keep working to learn and grow, and living to strive over survive, with my good character, integrity, and dignity in tact.

Nobody is defined by the mistakes they’ve made.