Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/25/2023

Journal Entry

10/25/2023 (Day #4319)

Playbook insight…

“Woke up on the wrong side of the truck bed this morning…”

HARDY, “Truck Bed”

Been there, done that, HARDY. It’s taken me a little time and a few songs to warm up to country-music artist HARDY. His latest single, “Truck Bed”, and its accompanying video, strike a resonant chord right out of the “old me playbook”. If I wasn’t home, wasn’t answering my cellphone or responding to text messages, there was a 90% chance I was up to no good. I’m sorry for any and all stress, grief, inconsideration that I caused by that. My Grandpa used to tell me that there’s nothing good going on after 2am. He was right.
There were other small “signs” or indications along with the late night carousing that constituted tell-tale evidence of no-good activities. I kept a pile of towels in my truck under the back seat – sometimes they were blankets, sometimes for drying off when I’d stop at a truck stop or friend’s house to shower off the bar smell or other evidence of what I’d been doing. A couple towels is reasonable and not a cause for suspicion. A pile of towels is cause for honest explanation.
Footprints on the inside of the passenger’s side of the windshield is a giant red flag. There is little to no reasonable and honorable for them if your partner or kids didn’t put them there. Period.
Glitter, undergarments, strange shoes, ATM receipts that show a $10 fee transaction fee…if your “spidey sense” is tingling and you can’t identify something in your partner’s vehicle, there’s a reason – suspicion. Especially glitter and ATM receipts, these are glaring red flags of strip club activity.
I can put all this out there now, peel back the cloak of secrecy, because I’ve learned that lesson the hard way and because I have the utmost confidence in myself not repeating that unhealthy and hurtful behavior. Another page out of the “Playbook of Misbehavior” that I’m willing to share and reveal as an open invitation to hold me accountable.

Been there, done that, been that guy, and NOT proud of it in the least.