Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/24/2023

Journal Entry

10/24/2023 (Day #4318)

Outside looking in…

The more I climb out of the pit of my own depression and anxiety, I see how others wrestle with it, and I gain clearer understanding and (profound!!!) gratitude for my social circle’s patience, understanding, and tolerance. It truly feels like climbing out of the pit and seeing the effects of depression from an “outside looking in” perspective. In the throes of it, with my withdrawing, dissociating, lashing out, and assorted other unhealthy reactions and behaviors I enacted, I didn’t actually comprehend how I was dragging down the people I loved and who were loving me unconditionally. The difficult position I put them in is clear to me now, and I keep that in mind to inform and guide my own efforts to be supportive and understanding with love, caring, and compassion as people I care about battle their depression and anxiety. Consider me well and truly enlightened and empathetic to the struggle.

Outside looking in with understanding, compassion, empathy, and unconditional love.