Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/20/2023

Journal Entry

10/20/2023 (Day # 4314)

Obstacles, overcoming them…

For me, the first obstacle I face in my path of self-improvement and creating my evolved “new me”, is internal. I have occasional thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, and “Am I enough? Can I be enough?”, that can appear randomly or by suggestion of various daily activities and encounters. Overcoming these thoughts and feelings starts with relying on the work I’ve done so far with mindfulness and radical acceptance, and a healthy amount of reminding myself that I’ve been through these thoughts and feelings before and worked through them so I have precedent for continuing to experience and work through them. I also keep in mind and remind myself that the dynamic, ever-changing character of life happening means learning and growth is just as dynamic, a continuous and continual endeavor. I’ve become much-better “equipped” with healthy coping strategies, and therefore much more successful at facing and overcoming the internal obstacle consistently.

Compassion, courage, and wisdom with strength, my daily choice.