Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/15/2023

Journal Entry

10/19/2023 (Day #4313)

Obstacles and overcoming them

Mr. Santos has issued a “challenge” to participants to explain the obstacles we’re facing as we work towards self-improvement and, for me anyway, hopefully eventual second chances, and how we’re overcoming them. I accept the challenge and will be outlining my account of them over the next few journal entries. They are multi-directional and multi-faceted, more than I can fit in one economical journal entry. Social and societal for me by virtue of my offense characteristics and category, institutional, environmental, and some personal obstacles. Across that spectrum, some of the obstacles are external, some internal, and some are a combination of both. The key for me personally has been ACCEPTING them, FACING them, and working to overcome them to continue forward progress. So, challenge accepted, Mr. Santos. 🙂

I choose strength and resiliency in the face of adversity.