Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/13/2023

Journal Entry

10/13/2023 (Day #4307)

Goals, objectives, and motivations

It’s been enlightening and helpful for me to learn how to set goals effectively. The basics eluded me for a long time, and my erratic success at achieving goals was the byproduct of that. For me, it’s especially helped me focus and track my efforts to maximize success. Before, I would have considered reconnection with my kids as a goal, and that would have been misleading to my focus. That’s more of an objective or a motivation to achieve goals that benefit the reconnection. Those goals have included completion of classes in parenting (check!!), communication skills (check!!), and conflict resolution (check!!). Several of the modules in SOTP-NR added to my “skillset” to help me be a better, more supportive dad if/when opportunity for reconnection comes up. Making the distinction and focusing my efforts puts the “measurement” and completion of my goals on me; reconnection with my kids is something that I can’t measure and achieving that lies in their hands. That’s one of the distinctions between goals and objectives, that achieving the goal is dependent on myself, my actions. It might sound insignificant to some, and that’s ok. Setting clear, attainable, and measurable goals has been essential for my progress, and it works for me.

Striving to be better each day.