Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/11/2023

Journal Entry

10/11/2023 (Day #4305)

Challenges within…

A big part of reforming my thinking and acting has been applying the things I’ve learned in daily life. As life happens, here or outside of here, challenges arise that put the learning to the test, some more challenging than others, and sometimes those challenges come from within myself, like negative or unhealthy thinking, or judgments. What I’ve learned and try to keep in mind is the value of acknowledging and “celebrating” successes, and applying them as reinforcement to accomplish further success and progress. Sometimes I look at it in an amusing-to-me way referring to shampoo instructions: learn, apply, repeat. Whether the challenges from within are a bigger ask than the external ones is a good question and as far as I can tell is a matter of perspective. At least with the ones from within I’ve got some sense of how and what could incite them, and that lends to effective strategy to overcome them.

Working on it…