Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/10/2023

Journal Entry

10/10/2023 (Day #4304)


I contracted Covid in November of 2020, and was symptomatic for approximately 2 weeks. Reporting symptoms was…not easy or advisable, for a multitude of reasons. I beared it out and recovered. Since having Covid, my blood pressure has consistently been higher than it had been for decades. From my late teens up until 2021, my blood pressure was regularly 120/80, +/- 3 points on either reading. Since Covid, it has routinely been 130+/88+. What does this mean, what is the Covid connection? I don’t know. I’ve also had dizzy spells and the pre-fainting “white dots” and spinning feeling when exerting myself, like in workouts or running. I had not previously experienced these symptoms prior to Covid at any time, even when I had multiple severe head injuries and concussions. And each Covid vaccine or booster since then has been a day or 2 days of Covid-similar symptoms. Not fun, but I still consent to the booster because I’ll trade 2 days for 10 any time. Is any of this connected? I don’t know. I’m not alleging it is. I’m concerned, I’m curious, and frankly I’m a little scared because of family history of heart and circulation problems. If anything, posting it here puts it in a permanent record on the internet. Covid wreaked havoc, and continues to…ugh.

Not a fan.