Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/08/2023

Journal Entry

10/8/2023 (Day #4302)

Assets and liabilities…

As much as I’ve learned and realized success to build “assets” in my character and personality, I believe it’s important and consistent with my resolution of transparency and honesty to note that I am still working on “liabilities”. I’m also cognizant of the likelihood there could be liabilities I haven’t identified yet or that will arise in the future as life happens.
I believe my most pressing liabilities are my feelings of not being “enough”, and lingering sensitivity to perceptions related to abandonment, loneliness, connection. The positive side of these liabilities is that I’ve learned healthy coping strategies so I’m not really susceptible to spiraling or lashing out like I used to be. So there’s some sense of success that I grasp in that. Still, I’m not yet satisfied or content with the progress, and I’m determined to figure out how to overcome these issues and put them behind me. Progress in other areas has helped me, bolstered my self-esteem and confidence, and I’m leaning on that to help me navigate the path to success. I’m an ongoing work in progress, today, tomorrow, and beyond, and I’m ok with that.

What I’ve done is not who I am.