Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-10/07/2023

Journal Entry

10/7/2023 (Day #4301)


Tomorrow my beloved Grandma would have turned 93. Grandma was one of the few constant, unwavering, reliable presences in my life. It was unwritten and unspoken that I was her “favorite”. Or maybe I wasn’t at all. I didn’t assume it one way or another, and it didn’t drive my being. What I knew was that she loved me unconditionally, and I loved her dearly, and she was honest with me even when I didn’t like it. When she passed away, a piece of me passed away with her. The grief I’ve experienced over her passing has been difficult, and at the same time has been a learning experience. I think she would understand that. The bonds she forged with my kids, sort of like a legacy of fondness carrying over to them and sometimes even appearing to unseat me as the “favorite”, is one of my most treasured and fond memories of my Grandma. I miss her and at the same time I’m grateful that she’s up there watching over all of us, comfortably, probably at the same time she’s sitting at a video poker machine.

RIP Grandma.