Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-09/28/2023

Journal Entry

9/28/2023 (Day #4292)


I’ve received feedback from people who have read my journal entries. Most of the feedback has been positive and supportive. One of my neighbors here said a family member made specific mention to him about my vulnerability, that they were pleasantly surprised at my willingness to be so vulnerable on a publicly-accessible platform. I am grateful that it’s been recognized and appreciated outside of my own support network. I couldn’t have been vulnerable at all 10 years ago, probably even 5 years ago. So I’m chalking that up to growth and self-confidence.
I did receive some feedback about “discretion”. I hear it, I’ve noted it, I comprehend the concern. I hope I’ve been clearly understood that I’m not interested in “outing” anyone, or blaming anyone, and I am as diligent about ensuring privacy and discretion as I can possibly be. My goals and intentions are pretty candid, and I’m transparent about the work I’ve done, the gains I’ve made towards those goals and intentions. If I’ve misled anyone to think that it’s been 12+ years of rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine, I am terribly sorry for misleading you. I truly have not intended to mislead or misrepresent ANYTHING about ANYTHING. I compose my entries with the goal of preserving transparency and honesty, so I’ve tried to effectively convey the highs and lows, the successes and the struggles, without cherry-picking anything, while ensuring discretion and anonymity for everyone.
I’m working towards UNITY, COLLABORATION, AND BUILDING BRIDGES. I don’t have interest, desire, or energy for division, resentment, or vitriol. To paraphrase the Judds, “Love can build a bridge….”

Peace, love, and baby ducks.