Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-09/16/2023

Journal Entry

9/16/2023 (Day #4280)


I don’t know if a disclaimer is necessary. I am mindful of potential for my entries to be interpreted as self-promotion or bragging, as me being “content” with my circumstances or situation, or that I’m “reveling” in my past by reflecting on it and referencing old thought patterns and behaviors. I’m not reveling in, not glorifying anything. If that’s anyone’s interpretation, I apologize for the confusion – it is not the point or intention of my entries. It’s actually fairly uncomfortable for me to post about my successes and achievements over the last 12-ish years, I’m pretty humble and not big on breaking my arm or dislocating my shoulder to pay myself on the back. The road to where I’ve gotten with my self-improvement has been difficult, littered with controversy and hostility – perceptions of my “betraying the sex offender community” by participating in treatment, resentments over FSA classes I’ve been selected for over or instead of others, etc. Despite the obstacles placed in my way, I’ve remained independent in thought and deed, steered clear of drama and negative influences, to make the best use of my time productively and constructively and maximize every opportunity available to me to, first and foremost, become a better person, and position myself to be best-equipped for any release opportunities I can earn.
I’m not looking for any pity party, no poor me tears, and no sympathy. I just want to be perfectly clear and candid that I’m not implying at any time that I’m content with where I am or that I’m anything but remorseful for my shameful and hurtful actions that landed me here, far from it. I’m trying to make the best use of my time in ways that reflect my true character.
And a side note, sometimes I intentionally mix up or combine sayings and phrases. That’s just me humoring myself by trying to be creative and funny.

Remorseful and humble.