Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-08/21/2023

Journal Entry

Advocacy goal change – PPT liaison

I have a long-term goal of advocacy work in my post-release endeavors. My college education work is geared towards that goal. I have considered how and where I can be most beneficial to create change or enlighten others. My self-confidence has been bolstered by my acceptance and the comfort level I’ve attained with vulnerability to the extent that I am pondering different ways my firsthand perspective as someone who has committed a sexual offense can be most useful. In the last few weeks, my belief in the Prison Professors Talent mission has guided my thoughts on this towards seeking a specialized liaison role (sex offenses) with PPT. I’m open to ideas and insight on this idea. I’ve sought feedback from a few people here, and unfortunately, they were not responsive. Their non-response is not surprising, there is a unique set of “parameters”, “unwritten” but more than “implied”, that each person incarcerated for sexual offense crimes faces. I want to find a way that my perspective can help build bridges instead of walls. I want to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

I choose strength and compassion today to help others through my experiences.