Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-08/15/2023

Journal Entry

8/15/2023 (Day #4248)

Investment and advocacy

Mr. Santos recently attended an ACA conference in Philadelphia to promote advocacy initiatives and network with prison officials. His trip was an investment of time, money, and effort. Other advocates and advocacy groups make similar investments. I can only speak for myself that I am grateful for every person who advocates for change in the current justice system. Their investments are significant, and the road to change is uphill and riddled with obstacles and resistance. My heartfelt thank-you to everyone who advocates for change and works to advance initiatives to help people earn their way home through self-improvement, treatment, and education.
For me, I view my therapy, treatment, and education work as an investment in myself. The dividend for me is becoming a better version of myself – more balanced, more authentic, more compassionate, and empathetic. For my family, friends, and community, the dividend is a more productive, law-abiding dad, grandfather, son, nephew, cousin, friend, and citizen. Eventually, the early release could be an additional realized dividend. I look at doing the work, “walking the walk”, as more than an investment in myself and my future – I view it as contributing my share of the responsibility for Mr. Santos and other advocates to justify their investments in me.

I’m worth the investment.