Journal Entry: Andrew Gerald Millas-07/27/2023

Journal Entry

1315, 07272023 (Day #4229)

I collaborated with my support network early on and established an action plan for my road to the “new me”. I drew elements from skills I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had over the years to streamline my action plan. The key elements of my action plan for the road to the new me:

  1. Simplicity. I try to avoid complications, trim excess fluff, and keep everything as simple as possible for clarity and brevity.
  2. Effectiveness. I’m a big fan of working smarter rather than harder whenever possible. Sometimes there’s just no way around picking up a shovel and digging a ditch, though. That’s ok, and I stay on the lookout for options.
  3. Efficiency. Maximum efficiency lets me complete something and move on to subsequent tasks quicker, ultimately enabling me to complete more overall.

What I’ve done is not who I am.