Journal Entry: Albert Glenn Hudson-Do Your Best

Journal Entry

Do the best you can with what you have from where you are. When you think of your problems, you’re thinking of the past. Every problem is connected to a solution. Solutions evolve from living in the present. Are you hooked up to recognize and provide a solution to a problem?

Thought causes stimulation. Stimulation creates feelings. Feelings foster emotions.
Emotions produce the language of our body.

“Nerve cells that fire together wire together.”

To love is to hate. Although love and hate are opposite, the only difference is the variation of “degree.” Do you always love? Do you always hate? Do you ever like, or dislike? The only difference between love and hate and like and dislike is the degree we land on when the pendulum swings left and right.

“Success is spelled in STEWARDSHIP, and stewardship is spelled SUCCESS.” What part of your life are you focused on for success?

We usually focus on what we are doing or where we are going, but God’s primary concern is who we are becoming. We talk about doing the will of the Father, but the will of the Father has much more to do with “being” than doing.” It’s not about being in the right place at the right time; it’s about being “the right person,” even if you find yourself in off-target circumstances. Success has a very little-to-no influence on how gifted or resourced you are; it has everything to do with glorifying God in any and every situation by making the most of the present.

I asked my Higher Self, how can I advance most in my area of expertise to affect my cause “right here, right now”?

As a newcomer at the Beaumont Federal Camp and still vibrating with the frequency of the free world, it’s a joy to bring new and exciting energy to the workouts. Accordingly, I began a small group workout for guys within my unit. Some have been in federal prison for many years without access to many modern training methods used today in fitness. Because of my up-to-date athletic training, I can advance my cause, assist others, and provide a solution in my unit.

Likewise, I am writing my first book on boxing and fitness training for children to be donated through a nonprofit organization. It will include a workout book and a smart-device app to apply the techniques. Our children need a fun and invigorating approach to fitness. This book will produce a platform to galvanize and encourage our present-day and future generations.

I hear boxing fans thoughtlessly say that boxing is a dying sport. Hearing such a statement hits my soul because of my passion for this sweet science. I have the knowledge, content, and brain power to advance our sport. Boxing, to me, is poetry in motion.

Enhanced coaching for coaches is much needed in boxing. Some universal laws and philosophies that coincide with boxing should be included in the curriculum. The content under my production will produce revilement from coaches and trainers who lack this critical understanding.

There are esoteric teachings in boxing that need recovery, which has been lost in the pizazz of social media. What appears through social media lenses is rarely practiced behind closed doors. As a result, I aim to elevate coaches not to be a pawn on the chessboard but elevate coaches on the plane “above” the chessboard to obtain a higher degree of learning.

The esoteric teachings of boxing should be handed out to the masses. The true greats and occults of this information often are careful observers who speak few words. They are often reticent during interviews and cautious with their comments on knowledge.

It is an honor to research legendary trainers, read their books, and study their programs. I invest in ongoing courses on combat strategy as I practice to embody the exact training I’ve researched and currently teach. Universal laws proclaim that boxing and life are the same. Boxing and life share a rhythm that swings backward and forward. My boxing lessons will instruct those who seek the higher planes of strategic knowledge that focus as much on the mental acuities as it does the physical ailments.

A friend in my unit, whom I often consult with, challenges me on my mental awareness. I call him Handz. He is Nigerian, and he has a beautiful mind. He’s been very successful in business in the United States and abroad. He asked me about my philosophy on writing and where I plan on landing upon returning home.

He asked me, did I had come to federal prison to learn to write and plan my future or did federal prison allow me the time to write and plan my future. My answer would be that coming to federal prison allowed me time to decompress my mental fuel tank through the writing vessel. Federal prison would be the protocol I must adhere to, and writing is my platform for freedom.

“Before Anything Great Is Achieved, Your Comfort Zone Must Be Disturbed.” “Become pissed off for greatness.”

“100 Shots Workout.”

Approximate Time to Complete: 35 minutes
Finish each 100-rep exercise before moving on to the next
Rest 1 minute after each 100 rep set.
Enjoy and comment if you enjoy

100 Dumbbell Curls
100 Dumbbell Triceps Extensions
100 Cross-Legged Knew to Elbow Crunches
100 Dumbbell Single Arm Bent Over Pulls (50 on each arm)
100 Bent Over Reverse Fly
100 Mt. Climbers
100 Push-Up Finisher
Women Recommended Weights (10-15 lb. set of dumbbells)
Men Recommended Weights (25-30 lb. set of dumbbells)